You have innovative content; a service, product or idea. Consumers and clientele want toteal_cloud learn how to do it. Your staff needs to be trained to make the content function. Institutions and learning communities want to buy a program to share it.  How do you take that material and turn it into a sharable, teachable or repeatable program or curriculum? Who will train your customer audience, staff or facilitators? How can you continue to expand on your material and keep momentum?

This is what I do for you.

As a Curriculum Design Consultant, I help you to create content based on your dk_bl_gear125ideas. I package already existing content and information into dynamic curriculum and programming filled with project-based activities, structural sequences and qualitative assessments. I even inject your program with humanistic practices and cultural competencies to ensure you hit your target demographic. I make your program come alive by developing workshops and training your staff or clientele in the ongoing facilitation of the content. When we are finished with training, I help you keep momentum by expanding content and developing new outlets to keep the program or curriculum fresh and current. I organize your brilliance.

My approach:

I work with your team to fully understand your needs, content andltgr_box ideas to restructure your goals and objectives. Through a deconstruction process, I learn your content and pull out what does not work, what needs to be created and focus on the needs of the market audience. Together, we create a plan of action that focuses on isolating major benchmarks and expanding core material into interactive projects. Using active listening, collaboration, and over 16 years of experience working in program design and teaching, I will make your dream multiply.