Speaking Highlights

ASCD Empower 2018

2018 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development annual conference, Empower18.  Convening of educational administrators, teachers, vendors and professionals from all over the United States and the world. Empowers educators, teachers, teacher leaders, principals, central office staff, and superintendents—to create their own personalized professional learning experience.

Presenter: “How to Create Meaningful Partnerships with Global Classrooms: The PrepaTec Model”
Presentation and exploration of the PrepaTec Multicultural Competence model focusing on intercultural relationship development and methods for curriculum integration.

Global Leadership Summit 2017

2017 Global Leadership Summit hosted by The Global Education Conference Network, i-earn, World Savvy, Participate, and IIE. The Global Leadership Summit is a convening designed to engage leaders and practitioners in global education who are seeking innovative methods, opportunities for collaboration, and inspiration in relation to the global education movement. The Summit will bring together thought leaders to address four critical themes within the field.

Panelist: “The Value of Exchange Programs”
Examine the changing face of exchange as an indispensable component of a primary source, globally-focused curricula, with the rise of xenophobia and increased fear of the “other.”

Association for Childhood Education International 2017

2017 Institute on Education Diplomacy and the 2030 Global Development Agenda: Building Bridges for Children’s Education.
The 2017 Institute examined the Education SDG#4, Qualtiy Education and how to positively impact children’s education around the world through Education Diplomacy.

Panelist: “Internationalization of Education”
Internationalization of education is a global trend across all sectors of education. It’s a multi-layer process that provides opportunities and challenges in preparing young people to be active global citizens and lead fulfilling livelihoods. Education Diplomacy plays an important role in ensuring that international, intercultural, and global dimensions are integrated into education systems through teacher preparation, curriculum, service, exchange, and workforce development. This panel explores several facets of internationalization of education and the diplomatic processes necessary to advance 21st century knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

UN Commission on the Status of Women 2016 ,2017, 2018, 2019 (CSW 60, 61, 62, 63)

csw60The Grail NGO and GLUNN (Grail Link to United Nations)
The Grail is an international women’s movement committed to spiritual search, social transformation, ecological sustainability, and the release of women’s creative energy throughout the world. The Grail envisions a world of peace, justice and renewal of the earth, brought about by women working together as catalysts for change.

Panel Moderation: “Sacred Activism”
Exploring insights and experiences regarding the importance of self-awareness and a deep spiritual life as a necessary support for the transformative work of Sustainable Development.

The Grail NGO and GLUNN (Grail Link to United Nations)

Workshop: Bridging Cultures
Bridging Cultures is a 5-hour workshop that highlights our many qualities, while providing the necessary tools for joining us together. Through 4 key activities, participants will explore their own cultural identities and others, the power of perspective, ways to connect with others, and strategies for equitable communication.

Global MindEd Conference

globalmindedGlobalMindED is the first U.S conference of its caliber that brings first-generation college students together with educators, industry professionals, global entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the nonprofit sector to promote access and opportunity for college and workplace success.

Panelist: “Open Tech Options as Facilitators of Student Experiences: Virtual Travel, Remote Internships, and International Collaboration”

Global Ed TV 2016 and 2017

GlobalEd TV is an inclusive and comprehensive webinar series which spotlights the theories and practices of global education in schools and organizations all over the world.

Content Design and Host: 5-part webinar series for globaled.tv/

Sample:“How Do We Define Competence in Global Education?”
Preparing students for participation in a global society is essential in the 21st century. What knowledge, attitudes and skills are necessary for navigating our cultural similarities and differences and how can educators promote competence? In Part I of this series, participants will explore global and cultural competence, along with models for implementation.

Global Education Forum 2015

Speaker/Workshop Facilitation: “How to Build a Global Learning Certificate Program for Teachers”
Demonstration of a 5-step methodology, piloted during the 2014-15 school year between PrepaTec of Tecnologico de Monterrey and Know My World, to provide Global Learning Certification to teachers using digital cross-cultural exchange experiences.